The island of Aphrodite Cyprus

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Are you planning a wedding abroad? Consider this beautiful island of Aphrodite and hire one of the best wedding photographer Paphos!

Cyprus is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a common tourist destination, located at the intersection of three continents. The geographical situation of the island of Aphrodite makes Cyprus an interesting place for a destination wedding photography session. The island has two mountain ranges, namely the Troodos Mountains in the south and the Kyrenia Range spreading along the northern coast. Apart from the mountain tracks, the insular location guarantees the abundance of the beautiful golden beaches. 

Sightseeing Cyprus you can visit splendid luxurious cities or discover small romantic villages. Medieval castles constitute another tourist attraction. The island’s excellent hotels offering high value accommodation encourage visitors to spend there a wonderful holiday or organise a wedding ceremony abroad. Wedding in Cyprus is becoming more and more popular. If you consider this particular destination for your big day, think also about a professional wedding photographer Paphos. Please visit my portfolio gallery to view the results of my destination wedding photography sessions in Paphos Cyprus.

Sunshine every day!!! I love it the most here in Cyprus!

The Cyprus island is a wonderful place and there are many reasons that make this country exceptional. One of them is definitely its Mediterranean climate thanks to which the sun is shining throughout the year. In fact it is exactly this climate that distinguishes Cyprus from other Mediterranean countries and makes it such a popular tourist destination.

Can you think of a better place for your vacation than a region with over 320 days of fantastic sunshine every year? Naturally, the hottest months are July and August when the temperature is frequently over 35 degrees Celsius. Also the sea is pleasantly warm for most of the time, while during the warmest months the temperature of the water reaches even 28 degrees. Ideal for the trash the dress photoshoot! All this makes summer in Cyprus an ideal time for your holidays. Such conditions are excellent for sunbathing or doing water sports. They are also perfect for a unique destination wedding photography session.

Just imagine the golden beaches in Aya Napa or Paphos and the beautiful Cyprus nature bathed in sunlight. And a happy newlyweds posing in such picturesque surroundings for their wedding photography taken by amazing wedding photographer Paphos.

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