Cyprus weddings

Cyprus weddings are the best!

Cyprus weddings

How I found out about Cyprus weddings

While studying at the university (ooooh the good old times), I encountered many international people. It was one of those prestigious top universities’ in Northern England. I was attending classes, bar crawls, visited the clubbing scene occasionally and I had been playing on the representative volleyball team. I met a couple of Cyprus blokes in the volleyball club, and they told me that if I would ever marry, I should get married in Cyprus because Cyprus weddings are the best. At that time, I was thinking, oh really?

The engagement

To my surprise, after being hurt so many times at university, I managed to stay in a happy relationship for more than three years with a lovely man. Sooner or later, my then boyfriend popped the question and gave me a beautiful diamond-sapphire ring. It sort of looks like Kate Middleton’s ring, not that big though. It’s not small either! ?

Researching Cyprus weddings

I always kept close contact with my amazing friends from university. My friend from Cyprus once wrote me “when are you going to have your wedding in Cyprus”? It really got me thinking that maybe having a Cyprus wedding is not a bad idea after all. I began researching on a daily basis, and I came to the conclusion that Cyprus weddings are a great idea! The tools I used for research are blogs, travel agencies and of course Facebook. You’d be surprised how much information there is on Facebook!

Cyprus locations

My research has shown me, that Cyprus has amazing locations all over on each side of the island. From Paphos to Limassol to Ayia Napa. There truly is an endless list of locations for Cyprus weddings! It is a large island with gorgeous coastlines. A bride can choose whichever beach on either coast, and her Cyprus wedding would still be amazing!

For more information about Paphos, Ayisa Napa and Limassol, check these posts out:

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Price – Great value for money

The price is probably the best thing about Cyprus weddings.

There are endless possibilities to save money as everything is super cheap compared to the expensive UK. The hotel won’t cost you that much, and you can invite as many people as you want guilt free. Cyprus weddings are affordable and high-quality. In addition, Cyprus weddings are popular amongst Europeans, so the locals have tons of experience. My research showed that locals give the best tips in terms of food selection, locations and wine.


The food is probably one of my main reasons why I would go for a Cyprus weddings.

Amazing meat, fresh vegetables, ripe fruit. It’s a whole different level of food that in the UK. If you are a fan of seafood then you should consider Cyprus weddings. In Cyprus, you can easily have a beautiful lobster dish for your wedding reception. Tempted yet? I am.

Cyprus wedding photographer

I hear that hiring a destination wedding photographer for Cyprus weddings is very common.

It is a fantastic investment into your future. You should consider hiring an experienced English-speaking Cyprus wedding photographer. You can do so here: Cyprus wedding photographer

After doing a lot of extensive research, I decided that Cyprus weddings are really worth it! Now, I need to decide whether I want a wedding planner or not. Suggestions anyone?

Cyprus weddings 2019

Please share your story if you had a Cyprus wedding or are searching for locations in Cyprus! Make sure you leave a comment below!

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