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My story –From being single to planning my wedding in Cyprus

planning my wedding in Cyprus 2017 Coral Beach Hotel

My story: From being single to planning my wedding in Cyprus

First of all, I never thought I would be the one to say yes to getting married. I was always inspired by my career choices. Working in the banking and consulting industries, I never even had time to date. But it is true. Love just comes to you and can change the mind of even the harshest skeptics.

I met the love of my life in Paris.

I know this sounds a bit cliché, but there is something magical about Paris. It truly is one of the most romantic cities. It gave us a lot of opportunities to explore the city via dates. Naturally I fell in love with his charm and elegance only after a couple of months and it wasn’t long before we moved in together.

3 years later, still going strong, we were enjoying a weekend trip in Copenhagen. I would never believe that this trip would change my life forever. I would be planning my wedding in Cyprus only a few months later. We were sitting in a very trendy restaurant enjoying a five-course meal accompanied by a lovely wine tasting. And suddenly he asked. I was surprised and ecstatic. I said yes.

As soon I said yes, millions of questions were going through my head.

When? Where? How much will it cost? With me being naturally drawn to a destination with a warmer climate and sunny beaches, a destination wedding in Cyprus was starting to look more realistic everyday.

We decided we want to get married in Cyprus for many reasons.

The first reason is that it is economical. You can get great value for money. We booked a service for a wedding at the beach in Cyprus and it didn’t cost that much. I know many other places in Europe would charge me over the roof. We booked a great hotel at the beach in Paphos for 40 guests maximum. We wanted to keep it intimate, closest friends and family only. An intimate wedding in Cyprus was the perfect choice for me.

As soon as we booked the hotel and the venue, it was time to book the caterers for my wedding in Cyprus

We decided that we want to enjoy the best local food Cyprus has to offer. Olives, wine and champagne everywhere. The first course is a beautiful shrimp salad with fresh olive oil (made in Cyprus). Main course was inspired by a traditional lamb dish accompanied by amazing red wine. For dessert, we planned an amazing chocolate cake of course!

Finally we also planned for entertainment for our beach wedding in Cyprus.

You can book great DJs for a very good price playing any music you want. It was very important for me to plan for a beach wedding in Cyprus because I want my guests to feel like they are on vacation. The last and the most important thing that I had to plan was to book my professional wedding photographer in Cyprus. I want the wedding photographer to be already located in Cyprus out of convenience.

The wedding is set for August in Paphos Cyprus at Coral Beach Hotel. I can’t wait to have my beach wedding in Cyprus. I would recommend Cyprus to any couple who want to be smart with their destination choice!

my wedding in Cyprus 2017 Coral Beach Hotel

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