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Once you have decided that you are getting married in Cyprus, make sure you know how to prepare for this event. I made a short guide for the future brides about the wedding formalities in Cyprus.

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It would be advisable to arrive in Cyprus some time before the planned ceremony. The Cyprus Marriage Law requires you to apply to a suitable Marriage Officer in the district where you want getting married in Cyprus at least fifteen days before your wedding day. Your marriage ceremony can take place after fifteen days at the earliest, however not later than three months from the date of your application. As you can see, you need to plan a longer holiday in Cyprus in order to complete all the formalities. It gives you also an opportunity to relax in the Cyprus sun and get a beautiful Mediterranean tan before your special day.

However, in particular cases there is a possibility to arrange an urgent Cyprus marriage. The required license can be obtained even in three days. An express marriage ceremony requires an additional fee, nevertheless it is a chance for those couples who cannot stay in Cyprus longer.

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Once you have planned the date of getting married in Cyprus, you need to prepare all the necessary documents.

First of all, make sure that you have your IDs and travel documents, for instance passports. You also need to present your Birth Certificates and documents confirming that you are free to get married.

Such a document, an Affidavit, should be issued by an appropriate authority in your country. It should include all your personal data (name, address, occupation, religion, nationality and passport number) as well as provide information about your marital status (single, divorced or widowed). An Affidavit has a short expiry date, usually three months. It is useful to prepare this document before you arrive in Cyprus, however it is sometimes possible to obtain an Affidavit from your Embassy in Cyprus.

In certain situations also other documents are required. For example, if you are divorced, you need to show a Decree Absolute certifying your divorce. Widowers or widows should prepare Death Certificates of their spouses. There is a possibility that the required documents may differ from the ones mentioned above, depending on your nationalities and other factors.
In order to get married in Cyprus you need to be over 18, otherwise you have to present a written consent of one of your parents or legal guardians.

Remember also that during a Cyprus marriage you need to have two witnesses, however if you plan a private ceremony you can easily hire them on the island.


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