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Planning a beach wedding in Cyprus? What better location than Larnaca!

beach wedding in Cyprus Larnaca catholic church

Fancy a fabulous summer Cyprus beach wedding 2019? The popular destinations are usually in Paphos or Limassol. Ever heard of Larnaca? No? Well let me enlighten you. Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus. Its located on the Southern coast of Cyprus, facing the Middle Eastern coast e.g. Lebanon. It’s absolutely beautiful and many tourists visit this amazing city.

Perfect weather, as everywhere for a Cyprus beach wedding 2o19

The year-round temperature is roughly 25 Celcius, with June, July, August and September being the hottest months. Trust me, it might get too warm for us Brits. During these months, the average temperature is above 30 Celcius. We’ll sizzle up easily. Therefore, I highly recommend a Cyprus beach wedding, Larnaca. You’ll be able to take advantage of that ever so cooling breeze coming from the deep blue sea.

Cheap airport destination

What I love about Larnaca, is that it’s completely accessible. It is obviously an airport destination. Would you believe me if I told you that I found return tickets for less than 130 quid in August? Ridiculous and amazing at the same time! I bet you won’t be able to top that.

If you want to elope and get married this summer, then a Cyprus beach wedding 2019, Larnaca is perfect for you.

No need to rent a car or take local train. However, many people do recommend renting a car so you can see what the entire island has to offer.

Cyprus beach wedding 2019 Larnaca

Amazing atmosphere

The city of Larnaca offers many things. Amongst excellent seafood and busy beach bars, the ‘Foinikoudes’ or the promenade along the Athenon avenue is filled with rows of palm trees. You get a sense as if you are in some luxurious French Riviera city. That’s right, you can walk, drink on the beach and get tanned at the same time. It’s a dream! What I love about this place is that gets the best of both, the beach at the city. Your night before the big day should definitely be interesting, just don’t overdo it!

Cyprus beach wedding 2019  Larnaca catholic church

Historic Monuments

Larnaca is not just any ordinary coastal city in Cyprus. It’s filled with breath-taking monuments that will even make you curious to visit them. First, you can start with taking a peek in the Church of Saint Lazarus. You’ll find beautiful historic columns, built in the late 9th century. Needless to say, this is a Greek Orthodox Church, so the inside will be filled with beautiful sculptures and paintings. Definitely worth visiting. Second, you can continue with the Hala Sultan Tekke which is a Muslim shrine or mosque. It is rumoured that this mosque is thousands of years old.
Do ancient cultures like these interest you or are you more fascinated with recent structures? If this is so, then you might be also interested in the Kamares Aqueduct. Built around the early 1970’s, this was the main water supply built all over Cyprus. It’s quite large actually and looks more ancient!

No matter, your Cyprus beach wedding 2019, Larnaca will be without a doubt a memory of a lifetime!

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