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Choosing the right food for your wedding in Cyprus

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I think it’s great if you’ve made the decision to have your Cyprus wedding. You know, choosing the venue for the event is just the first step. There are so many things you need to think about, like designing the invitations or designing the food menu.

In fact, if you are having a gorgeous destination Cyprus wedding, you need to highlight the delicious and most importantly, fresh local produce we can’t get back home in the rainy UK.

I reckon each destination wedding should feature some local ingredients in the menu. Besides, the fresher the produce, the yummier the dish. I am sure if you’ve been to a party, you remember if the food was good. Make sure that people remember your wedding reception and talk about your Cyprus wedding for ages.

Party food

So, where to start? Of course, it’s important to start with serving little snacks throughout the reception before everyone sits down at their tables. This is generally called party food and it shouldn’t be missing at your Cyprus wedding. Party food should also be savoury. Remember, if you serve sweet party food, then you’ll ruin the flavour balance in the next dish. Examples you can serve with champagne or prosecco are delicious olives. I bet you anything, they are fresh from the olive trees. You can also serve fresh vegetables with tzatziki- a very traditional white sauce.


This one is easy. You should make use of the delicious feta and serve a traditional Greek salad. Don’t worry, it is also traditional in Cyprus. Honestly, if I attended your Cyprus wedding, this salad would be the first thing I’d go for. Another thing that’s very popular is lamb. Why not include little lamb skewers with a lovely sauce for the entre. The delicious umami flavour will impress any tough critic. What would you include for your Cyprus wedding?

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For the main dish, I would recommend giving the guests two options from the menu. The first option being a meat dish, and the second option being a vegetarian dish. With the meat, you can either use pork. However, it’s very traditional to roast an entire lamb and serve it at weddings.

So, if you are aiming for a traditional Cyprus wedding, go for the roasted lamb. For the vegetarian dish, I would serve a grilled halloumi salad (it’s a specific type of cheese).


Baklava is the choice for you! Who doesn’t love the sweet honey tones of baklava? Yum. Furthermore, you should also have a big chocolatey wedding cake. Everyone loves chocolate, so you can’t go wrong with that. If your guests are more health conscious, why not create a fruit salad and they can choose to have a chocolate dip. Yum yum yum! Just talking about desert makes me crave chocolate.


What’s a wedding without alcohol? Champagne and wine are an absolute! However, the locals might also make you drink shots made from anise. Bit of warning for you, it’s not liked by everyone. So, what will you include in your menu?

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