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Creative wedding photographer in Cyprus

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Creative wedding photographer Cyprus

What makes a wedding photographer in Cyprus creative? You and your beautiful wedding of course! Are you struggling to find a wonderful location and a creative wedding photographer Cyprus? Look no further!

Weddings in Cyprus are one of the trendiest events for the summer of 2017 and 2018. In addition, finding a creative Cyprus wedding photographer won’t be a problem. All in all, Cyprus is the place where you can find it all and afford it all!

Why should I get married in Cyprus

Cyprus weddings are one of those weddings where you get luxury for great value. It’s like buying Christian Laboutin shoes for 100 pounds. What a bargain right? You should book now, as all the clever brides are booking at least a year in advance. Moreover, you can accommodate all you guests flying in, afford great hotels, provide only the best food Cyprus has to offer and have the time of your life with a flawless party on the beach.

creative Cyprus wedding photographer Paphos
Where should I get married in Cyprus

Since Cyprus is an island filled with beautiful beaches, technically you can get married anywhere you want. I mostly recommend getting married in Paphos, Limassol, or Ayia Napa. These three major wedding destinations can accommodate you and all of your wedding needs. The cities that I mentioned have a party flare to them, with a side of luxury. The locals are extremely friendly and very helpful in providing tips (food and party location wise).

If you are interested in getting married in Paphos, click here for more information: Wedding in Paphos

If you fancy Limassol as a wedding location, click here to find out more about Limassol: Wedding in Limassol

creative wedding photographer Cyprus

Are you curious about Ayia Napa? I can tell you all about it here: Wedding in Ayia Napa

Regardless which city takes your breath away, you will always find a fabulous location in Cyprus. You can have a beach wedding, a private villa wedding or a traditional wedding ceremony in one of Cyprus’s beautiful churches.

Where can I find a creative wedding photographer Cyprus?

The best place is to look online! Try searching for main keywords, or you can access this homepage , where an English-speaking creative photographer specialised in destination weddings in Cyprus, will be more than happy to help you.

Her portfolio is truly fantastic and her she will be 100% dedicated in capturing the most beautiful moments of your wedding. Just have a look at her stunning portfolio and let the pictures speak for themselves.

creative Cyprus wedding photographer Paphos

Do you have any experiences with wedding photographers at other weddings? What was the most insane and outrageously clever thing the creative wedding photographer asked you to do?

I once attended a wedding where the wedding photographer was so amazing, and so creative, they were even a part of the flash mob for the bride. The creative wedding photographer got some great shots ?. I think she used a GoPro, but her editing skills were flawless. She made us all look great!

Share your experiences and tell us your stories!

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