Getting married in Cyprus

No more Easter, no more excuses! Getting married in Cyprus

getting married in Cyprus

You heard me ladies! Easter time is over and you have to start working on that body if you are getting married in Cyprus.

Getting married in Cyprus can be wonderful, as Cyprus is full of gorgeous and sunny beaches. A beach wedding means being bikini ready. You should show off your fabulous body at your wedding reception or if you just want to take a little dip in the warm Cyprus sea.

You should have gone to Cyprus during Easter, as their Easter traditions involve a fasting period of fourty days. Usually meat and dairy is left out of the normal diet. Still better than nothing, right? I don’t think I would be able to do that. I love dairy. In fact, I have a slight addiction to cheese! By the way, here is a little tip from me to you. If you are getting married in Cyprus in the coming months, it would really be better if you went off of dairy products. Studies show that dairy products cause acne and oily skin. You don’t want that, especially if you are getting married in Cyprus soon! Acne can be a nasty thing to overcome, and no amount of make-up can hide it properly.

If you can’t keep off of cheese or yogurts, then you should consider hiring an experienced and talented professional wedding photographer in Cyprus. They usually know all the tricks on how to cover up tiny faults using various professional editing tools. Might be worth the investment!

So, if you are getting married in Cyprus, you should be conscious of what you eat because it can affect your memories in your photo album.

getting married in Cyprus

My suggestion would be to cut off the dairy, but also to cut off the sweets.

These two are very fatty and contain high-levels of sugar. If you keep eating like I did during Easter (which was really an embarrassing amount), then you’ll not only have trouble with your bikini body, but your face and your wedding dress as well! A lot of brides purchase the wedding dress months in advance with their moms or with their friends. However, wedding dresses are known to be very tight, so they can show off your beautiful figure.

But, here is something I am sure even you didn’t think of.

We all know that the weather in Cyprus is amazing all year-round. That’s why clever brides get married there.

However, if you really are getting married in Cyprus, then I am sure you’ll be exposed to warmth and sunshine.

Did you know that your body expands a little, almost bloats up a bit when it’s hot? Yes ladies! It’s not a lie. You can test this theory. If it’s very cold during a specific day, why don’t you analyse how easy it is to take off your engagement ring. My ring is always a little bigger in the winter. However, on a warmer day, I can barely take it off. Hence, you need to be strict with yourself now that Easter is over.


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