wedding in Cyprus

Easter wedding in Cyprus

Easter wedding in Cyprus

Did you book your wedding in Cyprus around the Easter time? Well, you are in for a treat!

Easter celebrations in Cyprus are very festive, full of joy, parties and food! Many people from Cyprus get married around this time, as usually the whole family gathers to visit each other as a result of the holidays. Why not just get married if your family is already there, right? I will describe to you the typical activities for your wedding in Cyprus during the Easter holidays, unfolding all the traditions and secrets that Cyprus has to offer.

Easter, like in many other countries, is the most celebrated and religious holiday of the year.

You may have already guessed this, but Cypriots follow the traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church. There are many who take this time very seriously as they start their lent. This lent is also called Apokria and calls for a fourty-day fasting. Can you imagine going fourty days without any meat, alcohol or diary products? It’s probably a great way to lose a couple of pounds. Maybe this is the reason why Cypriot girls get married after Easter. Furthermore, Cypriot girls can use the lent period as a way of fitting into their beautiful white dress for their Easter wedding in Cyprus.

So when does Easter start in Cyprus? It starts actually a week before the holy Easter Sunday, and this week is also known as the holy week.

During this week, everyone starts preparing to make the traditional Cypriot Easter foods such as flaounes. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of them until I’ve done some research and googled what they look like. They are these tiny baked triangles, made out of cheese, eggs, flour and mint. There are many more delicious baked goods that I can’t even pronounce. Here are just a few baked goods that you might come across if you are going to have your own wedding in Cyprus or you’ll be attending one:


Funnily enough, a lot of bars and restaurants change their menu during Easter. They develop their own “fasting” menu. So if you plan on visiting Cyprus during Easter, of course you’ll be impressed by all the aromas of the delicious food, however they will most likely be fasting-friendly.

Easter wedding in Cyprus 2019
Other traditions include painting hard-boiled eggs to represent the blood of Jesus Christ.

For this reason, you’ll find red eggs everywhere. Of course, during the holy week, Cypriots worship at the church. Many larger towns also engage in family-like Easter activities such as eggs races, folk dancing, food stands etc. So if you are having your wedding in Cyprus around Easter time, you are in for a lot of fun and culture. You will experience the traditional flavours and culture that Cyprus has to offer. The beaches also won’t be as crowded as in June or July. Additionally, the weather will (as always) be great. Might as well stay for your honeymoon.

Are you planning your wedding in Cyprus around Easter? Have you ever experienced Easter in Cyprus? Comment and share! I’d love to learn more!

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