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Have you ever thought about getting married in Cyprus 2019 and have a Cyprus dream wedding? Paphos may just be the location for your perfect destination wedding.

Celebrate your magical day on an island where generosity and hospitality is at the top of the priority list. Cyprus is a very popular choice for destination weddings, and as a result, hoteliers, caterers, professional wedding photographers and locals have a lot of experience in dealing with wedding events. They are all ready to welcome you and meet your every need on your special day if you are getting married in Cyprus 2019!

getting married in Cyprus 2019 Paphos
Paphos wedding photographer

Imagine your beach wedding in Paphos, with the beautiful turquoise-blue sea in the background of your wedding photos, captured of course by a professional wedding photographer in Cyprus.

Imagine yourself standing on the beach with the golden rays of sun shining through your gorgeous dress – wouldn’t you want this memory to last forever? There are many more reasons why getting married in Cyprus 2019 is an excellent choice and below we mention only a few of them.

Paphos is filled with historical churches and protected enchanting landmarks. The Paphos Harbour is also a popular choice (amongst the bridesmaids), so if you wish to drink some champagne with the freshest possible olives, with a scenic view of the Mediterranean Sea, Paphos is your best wedding destination. Your professional wedding photographer in Cyprus would accompany you in every step of your journey, making sure that each special moment is remembered forever.

Another reason why Paphos has become selected as one of the best places to get married is because it is economical. As a result, Paphos has welcomed a lot of visitors from Western and Northern Europe, as well as visitors from the Middle East.

Cheap flights secured with affordable luxurious accommodation in Cyprus will impress your guests and family any day! In addition, Cyprus has relaxed administrative procedures when it comes to civil weddings, requiring only the necessary identification documents. Imagine going through tough bureaucratic paperwork during your special day, which would be any bride’s nightmare! Cyprus surely knows how to avoid that! So no need to worry about tiring administrative documentation processes.

Lastly, when talking about Paphos, one has to mention the amazing weather.

Paphos getting married in Cyprus
Destination wedding photographer in Paphos providing bespoke wedding photos in Cyprus

Planning your save the dates can be a very stressful thing, and sometimes even a disaster if the weather is not on your side for some reason on that day. With a destination wedding in Cyprus, you reduce your risk of unfavourable weather conditions, as the weather forecast is more than likely to be sunny and warm.

Your international wedding photographer will also be very happy you picked this location and getting married in Cyprus 2019, as the camera won’t get wet and your memories won’t contain captured water droplets.

So, if you are a fan of multicultural cuisine, open-minded and welcoming locals, amazing ocean views, gorgeous sunsets, amazing weather and affordable luxury, then Paphos is the number one wedding destination for you.

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