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Limassol is a fantastic destination for a wedding in Cyprus!

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Limassol is located on the southern tip of Cyprus. Limassol wedding is not usually as popular as a wedding in Paphos. Nevertheless, a wedding in Cyprus is always an amazing idea! Limassol has amazing beach views and the most enjoyable coastline. It is perfect as a destination for a beach wedding in Cyprus. You can access Limassol through two main airports: Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport. These airports are fantastic for cheap flights flying in from northern or western European destinations. If you book six to eight months in advance, you and your wedding guests can book flights for pennies. No joke!

In terms of weather, a daily dose of six hours of sunshine is guaranteed if you decide to have your Limassol wedding.

The best time to book your Limassol wedding would be from April to October. During these months, the average temperature is 26C to 29C. The other months can experience some light rain and a bit of wind. I am sure even then it wouldn’t be so tragic. We Brits are used to much worse weather conditions. We should know, eh?

If you are into luxury and celebrity lifestyles, then Limassol should be on top of your list for your wedding in Cyprus.

The Limassol Marina is packed with large yachts with parties happening non-stop. If your bridesmaids are single, this is a great place to snatch up a handsome looking Cyprus fellow looking to show the girls how to party in the local style. Don’t get too surprised if one of your bridesmaids ends up having her Limassol wedding too next year!

If you are more of a historical person and enjoy developing your intellect, you can visit the Limassol castle or the medieval Crusader castle. The medieval castle has been standing there since the year 1000 A.D. Amazing! Limassol is filled with plenty of history for you to discover. Other sites you and your guests can enjoy are the Folk Art Museum and the Archeological Museum. If museums are not your thing, don’t worry! Limassol is a great party town.
There are a couple of festivals happening throughout the year.

The best time to have a wedding in Cyprus is during the Wine Festival in Limassol in September.

Have you ever tried wine from Cyprus? It is amazing and you can drink loads of it without feeling sick due to its high quality. In Britain, people usually stay off of the wine because it makes your head feel like it’s going to explode the next day. You won’t have this problem with the wine in Limassol. High quality wines and cognacs are produced in this region regularly and have gained international recognition. Don’t think twice before order a glass of wine. You can enjoy a glass of red wine or a great cocktail at many of the city’s beach side restaurants.

In fact, the coastline is filled with resorts, restaurants and bars that will definitely keep you and your guests entertained during your Limassol wedding.

Great value for money in terms of quality, weather and experience. You can definitely go crazy without the fear of spending too much money.


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Limassol wedding in Cyprus

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