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From a man’s perspective : I had my wedding in Cyprus

wedding in Cyprus Constantinou Bros hotel

As all other men preparing to get married, I wanted to give my wife to be, the perfect wedding. My wife was always the adventurous type, who loves surprises. So, I took the bold decision to plan everything as a surprise for her. Hint, hint!

We had our secret wedding in Cyprus 2017.

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Sounds like quite a risky plan, you might think, but I was fairly confident, that it was a good idea. We had already been more or less planning to get married for more than a year now, however without really getting to the final stages.

Both her and myself are very informal persons, and we had already agreed, that a big fairy tale wedding, with a church ceremony, big dress and the whole lot, was not for us. We wanted something more laid back, and I had an idea in mind, that could satisfy this need. We had decided to book an early summer holiday this year, already in the end of May. The destination was Cyprus.

We picked Cyprus because we had never been there and heard many good things about this little Mediterranean island nation. In the past we had usually gone for very active holidays, but this year it was time to kick up the feet, and have a relaxing time on a sunny beach. However, my wedding plans would put a twist to this. We were going there with a couple of friends, so I thought to myself this is the perfect opportunity. I got our friends on board, and they were also excited about the idea.

secret wedding in Cyprus 2017 Constantinou Bros hotel
We planned out the whole thing about two months before departure, and thank God, I got a lot of help from our friends. We were going to be there for two weeks, and the wedding would take place half way through. Our friends even helped me pick out a beautiful, simple summer dress for my wife to use as a wedding dress. Again, the ambiance we were going for was very informal. We had also arranged for both pf our parents coming own and joining us for the wedding. Of course, my wife knew nothing about this!

So, on the second evening in Cyprus, slightly nervous, I jumped and surprised her with a ring. And of course she said yes. Her surprise was even bigger, when I then proceeded to tell her, that the wedding would take place right here on the beach in Cyprus, just four days from now! Luckily she was as thrilled about it, as I had wished for.

So the next day we went out guys and girls separately, to have a small stag party / bachelorette party. And even though we took it relatively easy, the scenery of the Cypriot sea side bars alone, sure did beat going to the local pub back home.

And then as planned, three days later we had our secret wedding in Cyprus 2017, directly on the beach with the evening sun as a back drop, and accompanied only by our closest friend and parents.

It was really a beautiful moment, which was fortunately captured by the professional wedding photographer we’d booked for the occasion.

So if you are also thinking of doing your wedding a bit different, I can only recommend you to have the secret wedding in Cyprus 2017.

And if you’re a bit nervous about the surprise element, this completely optional!

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