Wedding in Cyprus- the island of love

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Aren’t you bored with traditional wedding ceremonies? Don’t you want to make this big day unique and extraordinary? What about getting married in the middle of a long sandy beach near the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea? Or in one of the picturesque local chapels located near the Cyprus coast? Or maybe you prefer a sophisticated wedding reception in a luxurious hotel?

Cyprus, the island of love, is an idyllic place which gives you plenty of opportunities for organising your marriage ceremony.

It is a perfect destination for your wedding and for a unique photography session with one of the best Paphos photographer.

No matter which venue you choose, you may be sure that your wedding in Cyprus will be wonderful. Just imagine the photographs depicting your great happiness with beautiful beaches and romantic sunset in the background. A professional wedding session taken by Paphos photographer in such scenic surroundings will make your wedding truly memorable.

best Paphos photographer

Is there any place better for your wedding ceremony than an island of love? Probably not. This Mediterranean island is the place of birth of Aphrodite, the mythological goddess of love and beauty, who raised from the foam of the sea.

This romantic spirit of the omnipresent beauty, love and gentleness is present in every corner of Cyprus. Therefore, the island is the perfect place for your wedding ceremony as well as for the beautiful photography session immortalizing this big day forever.
Thanks to the exceptional location of the island, you can feel like the Greek goddess emerging from the seafoam. Take a look at my wedding photographs depicting happy newlyweds bathing in the crystal water of the Mediterranean sea. The unique nature of the island, with the transparent water splashing against the coastal rocks, creates a truly picturesque scene.

So if you want to commemorate your special day in such a way, it will give me great pleasure to be your wedding photographer.

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