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Boy, do I have a story to share! I have been recently picked as a bridesmaid for my friend’s dream wedding in Cyprus! It’s more work than it seems. And it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. You’ll be asked to do the most incomprehensible things at times. I am even thinking about opting out, because its stressful on your time and your money. That’s right ladies. Being a bridesmaid will cost you. A lot.

Picky bride

Being best friends of the bride, we all want to give her anything she asks for. However, the common problem that I am seeing all around, is that today, brides are extremely picky and demanding in terms of their actual wedding and bachelorette party. You won’t believe what my bride wants me to organize. Let’s start with the bachelorette party and getting to the actual wedding. Her criteria for her bachelorette party location are:

Must have a beach
Must stay at a beach villa
Must go to the most expensive clubs
Must be one of the best places in Europe

dream wedding in Cyprus Paphos
Seriously, what else does she want?

She is going to have her dream wedding in Cyprus! That’s like the perfect location.

Oh, did I mention that the bride expects the bridal party to cover ALL of her expenses?

Say goodbye to your disposable income for the year

My friend is having her destination dream wedding in Cyprus, so already, just to get there, I have to set aside a couple of quid. Then, there are the hotel costs and the bridesmaids dress costs. Oh, don’t forget the wedding gifts or the wedding registry. And if you are a bridesmaid and your bride is selective about the location of her bachelorette party, it will also cost you in flights, accommodation, drinks and food. This is serious.

I never realized how much money I am actually spending on my best friend and her dream wedding in Cyprus. So much so, I ‘ve become to resent it.

Believe it or not, I am spending well over 1,800 quid. Just on her! That’s right, this stuff piles up. 200 quid here, 150 quid there… suddenly you realize its more than a 1,000 quid and it doesn’t stop. I am not joking.
My initial reaction to her dream wedding in Cyprus was – this is amazing, we are going to go on a holidays. Sure! This statement in fact is very true, unless you are the maid of honour! Trust me, I am never going to do this ever again. Over my dead body. I don’t even spend so much on myself in a year! Be warned.

Say goodbye to your dignity

The wedding planner called me and kindly informed me, that the bride wants us to organize a flash mob. A freaking flash mob! Besides bankrupting me, she plans to make me look like a complete idiot during her dream wedding in Cyprus. This wedding has turned out to be a nightmare for me. And her wedding is in August! God knows what else she’ll make us do. Seriously, think twice before someone asks you to be a bridesmaid. It’s a pain.

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