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Runaway surprise wedding in Cyprus

Surprise wedding in Cyprus Aya Napa

Are you in love? Do you love that other person like never before? I can tell you many inspiring stories that happened to my friends, who were in exactly the same situation. Sometimes love has a way of conquering our hearts. However, for whatever reason it may be, circumstances don’t allow us to get married how we want to. I have had two friends elope for their wedding in Cyprus. One of them did it because of her personal family circumstances, and the other just wanted the romanticism of it all and surprise everyone.

best wedding in Cyprus Nissi Beach Aya Napa


Let me start with story number 1

A friend of mine, Julia and her then boyfriend Andrew, met at university and were dating for quite some time. Julia was a political science major, while Andrew was studying Fine Arts. As you can imagine, the parents weren’t so fond of Andrew as they feared he had no bright future ahead of him. So typical of the parents! I even had this debate with mine. But I guess, parents just want the best for you.

I remember Julia telling me, she had never felt so in love as with Andrew. Andrew asked her to marry her at their favourite restaurant where he took her out for the first date. So cute I tell you! Julia then called me in tears, telling me how her parents disapproved and that they will never let the wedding happen. Luckily for Julia, she had a plan. Her and Andrew were planning a summer holiday in Cyprus, cause the tickets were super cheap. Less than 150 quid, which I find totally amazing!

They flew to Larnaca, Cyprus, and had an official wedding in Cyprus.

With paperwork and everything. Obviously, you can imagine that the parents were furious when they found out. I won’t go into these details. However, I am extremely happy for Julia and Andrew, as they are still together and having eloped for a wedding in Cyprus was the best decision they could’ve made!

Surprise wedding in Cyprus Aya Napa

Story number 2

This story isn’t as dramatic as with the parents of story number one. In fact, here a friend of mine, Lily, did the same thing as Julia.

A wedding in Cyprus is simply special.

To me, it seems it like the new Las Vegas, where everyone comes to get married and celebrate their love. I mean, would you elope with your loved one?
Lily was always the type of girl to take action. She actually proposed to her fiancé Peter. She made sneaky plans to go on an amazing ‘holidays’ in Cyprus. They spent two weeks there. When they came back, they told us they got married and surprised all our friends. Crazy! I just wish I was a part of this wedding in Cyprus, because I hear that they are excellent. Especially when on the beach by the sunset. They surprised their parents and their grandparents. They had been dating for quite some time, actually 6 years and everyone was starting to get curious when they would name the day. Well they chose to elope for a wedding in Cyprus.

Now I am also thinking about it. A wedding in Cyprus sounds amazing!!!

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