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Creating your ‘Save the Date’ for your wedding in Cyprus

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What in the heck are save the dates? Many brides have never heard of this tradition, but it is now becoming very trendy to send out save the dates before sending out the actual wedding invitations. Save the dates are basically a formal request for the invitee to not plan anything on that requested date. You can say, you “book” the person in advance for that date. A formal invitation usually follows within a month. Let me explain this trend in more detail, in case you haven’t sent out your wedding invitations for your Cyprus beach wedding yet!

Save the dates

Again, save the dates are a formal notice of the date of the wedding. However, there are no details as to where the Cyprus beach wedding for example should take place, or what is needed in terms of RSVP or gifts. The save the dates are commonly made for destination weddings, or if you have a lot of out-of-town guests attending the wedding. Sometimes designing the wedding invitations can take a month or so. Therefore, people have decided to design the save the dates first, if they are under pressure.
In general, the save the dates are much smaller in terms of the actual size of the card. They are either a little card, or they look like little book markers that you put in between pages. Remember!

Never put specific information that you are having Cyprus beach wedding.

That’s a surprise and should be kept for the wedding invitation. Only include the date, hence the name ‘save the date’.

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The wedding invitation for your Cyprus beach wedding

The formal wedding invitation should state that you are actually having your Cyprus beach wedding and should include the time, date and location. Furthermore, don’t forget to include an RSVP notice with a deadline, and some general information on gifts, if you have specific things you want. For example, you could ask for donations for your honeymoon. This way, it will be paid for by others and you can relax in spending extra costs on travel. The wedding invitation will take much more time to design, and is generally much more expensive to produce. Choose your designer wisely. After all, your Cyprus beach wedding should be a surprise and should be presented in a wonderful professional way.

What else is there?

Usually, people who choose to have the save the dates, collaborate with the same designer on their wedding invitations and thank you cards. Generally speaking, wedding couples receive a discount for the additional work. Furthermore, if you are happy with the outcome from the save the dates, then why not continue with someone who you are satisfied with? The designer will use the same themes, same logos, same fonts. It would be much more expensive to switch and having to figure out the exact colour codes and types of fonts with a different designer.

Nonetheless, you should really consider having save the dates for your Cyprus beach wedding.

Not only is it the latest trend, but it also adds an element of surprise to your destination wedding!

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