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Are you considering a thematic wedding in Cyprus 2019? I am guessing we’ve all seen the movie 27 dresses. If you haven’t seen it, go see it now! It’s a MUST SEE for any new brides and bridesmaids.

The reason why I am mentioning the movie 27 Dresses, is because it mentions 27 thematic weddings. It’s great because you get to see all 27 different wedding/bridesmaids dresses. I think it’s a great source for getting inspired and you can definitely pick one theme for your wedding in Cyprus 2019.

Is a thematic wedding in Cyprus 2019 even possible?

It’s definitely hard, but not impossible. The locals and wedding hosts are very welcoming and friendly. They have seen all kind of weddings, ranging from the traditional Cyprus weddings, to Middle Eastern weddings, etc. They have seen it all!

Besides, the beautiful hotels for your wedding in Cyprus 2019 can accommodate to your every need.

The only problematic thing you might come across is actually finding the costumes of choice (if you haven’t bought them back in the UK). I wouldn’t recommend taking the risk to purchasing the costumes directly in Cyprus, as you might not find what you are looking for. The best option is to purchase costumes back in the UK, where you can also look for accessories.
If you are having your wedding in Cyprus 2019 in a hotel, that is accustomed to thematic weddings, then make sure that they have exactly what you are looking for. Usually, the photos make everything look nice, so it’s good to have a skeptical eye. If possible, ask them to send you updated pictures of the costumes and decorations for your thematic wedding in Cyprus 2019. Trust me, the more information you have, the better you can prepare!

creative wedding in Cyprus 2019

Types of themes

There are so many options for you. The most popular choice of theme for a wedding in Cyprus 2019 is a beach wedding of course. This comes with tiki drinks, lit torches, exotic fruit and much more. A lot of brides go above and beyond and get married in a bikini or a hula dress (Hawaiian traditional costume). The other types of themes that are very common are:
1920’s Great Gatsby theme
Traditional Cyprus/Greek wedding
Cowboy wedding
Punk-rock theme wedding
Hello Kitty wedding
Of all these, my favourite is the 1920’s Great Gatsby theme wedding in Cyprus. It comes with a sense of luxury, and the photos come out fantastic. You should definitely hire a professional wedding photographer in Cyprus to capture these special moments. Especially since the 1920’s Great Gatsby theme wedding has dimmed lighting. You need a pro for sure!

Will you look like idiots?

Whatever theme wedding you choose for your wedding in Cyprus 2019, don’t even worry a tiny bit about looking like idiots. Who cares? It’s your special wedding in Cyprus, and it’s your special day! In fact, you might become popular and a minor celebrity on this beautiful island. The hosts will probably commend you for having fun and might join in celebrating your I-do’s.

So, which theme do you like the most? Any ideas? Share and comment!

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