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Limassol Harbour Cyprus wedding photography

You know, I was so jealous when my aunt told me she was going on a vacation to Cyprus. She and her family went on a really nice trip somewhere north of the island. When they came back and told us all about the amazing things they’ve experienced, I must admit I was a little jealous. They came back all nice and tan. Not easy for us Britons to do these days. Apparently, the food was incredible, the sea temperature was just right and the sunsets amazing. When I had all these keywords going through my head, I suddenly thought, why not have a wedding in Cyprus. It literally sounds like paradise, and in fact It’s much cheaper than getting married somewhere in Hawaii. Costing only about one tenth or even less of a general destination wedding, you can tag along with some friends. Likewise, you can hire a photographer and enjoy the full perks of Cyprus wedding photography.

wedding photography in Cyprus Paphos

Cyprus wedding photography is a very popular choice amongst the about-to-be newlyweds.

Why not hire a professional? You as a bride needs to enjoy every single bit this amazing island has to offer, and let other people do the work.

Flying in

What I realized when I started to research about weddings in Cyprus, is that it really is super cheap and very accessible. There are several airports all over the island. Each airport is fully accessible to a low budget airliner that has flights to our cold little island, haha. Imagine, that in just a few hours, you too can get from cold and wet to warm and paradise. The return tickets might cost you only a hundred quid, if bought well in advance.

Therefore, you can afford to bring family along, who you don’t see very often. Moreover, with cheap flight, affording Cyprus wedding photography  will literally be a piece of cake.

Summer is almost over… so what!

People commonly get married during the summer months, so as not to get bad weather. September might get a little risky I must say in some parts of Europe. However, a wedding in Cyprus is literally the safest bet you can do! Cyprus is like LA almost. Amazing temperature all year around. You can get warm weather over 20 Celsius even during the end of October! I mean how amazing is that? This makes Cyprus wedding photography a really good option. The professional Cyprus wedding photographer can play with the sunlight and how it hits your gorgeous white dress.

Limassol Harbour Cyprus wedding photography

Also, you can still get married on the beach without freezing to death. Imagine getting married on the beach back in the UK in October. Jesus! I’d probably freeze my butt off. I mean, being English, we tolerate a lot, but I am not sure I am willing to test myself with that! The wind might ruin the hair, the make up and just make everything so unpleasant. Therefore, Cyprus is literally the perfect getaway for us English people. We should enjoy every bit of warmth we can!

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